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 Feldun [Viking]

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PostSubject: Feldun [Viking]   Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:39 am

Name: Feldun Agnarsson
Name meaning: Feldun, son of Agnar
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Birthdate: 25/2/Spring
Rank: Ship Wright's Apprentice
Appearance: Feldun is a boy of average height, if not a bit on the tall side. He has lighter skin than most, and his black hair is thick and scruffy. His hairline ends at where his head begins from his neck, just belong his ears. Feldun's locks cover most of his ears and his bangs cover his forehead, ending at his eyebrows. His eyes are an azure blue and his eyebrows are thin and slanted, pairing with his slim jaw line and slightly protruding cheekbones to give him a somewhat elfish appearance. Feldun is of lithe build; his body seems built for running, and he makes use of this often, outrunning many other Vikings of heavier build. He definitly isn't as muscular as the most other villagers, but he's still of average strength. He has long legs and strong calf muscles that can propel him at signifigant speeds. His tunic is a simple one made of thin wool with long sleeves. Over this he wears a jerkin made of animal fur for extra warmth. His plain wool pants are a tan color and his traveling boots are of heavy leather. As a result of his running habit, Feldun is light weight, and his shoulder blades stick out a bit. This sometimes gives him a scrawny look. Feldun may not be a strong brute like some other Vikings, but he certainly has his advantages.
Personality: On the outside, Feldun looks like a strong character, but he is quite shy and often worries more than he should. Sometimes he is haunted by dreams of his past, when his mother was killed in a terrible forest fire and his father never returned from avenging her death. The can sometimes make him insecure. He can go whole days without saying a word. He enjoys working with Eirik building ships, because the quiet job gives him time to contemplate. Sometimes he seems like he shuns the other villagers, but truly, he craves attention. He's just not sure how to get it. Feldun is quite skilled at his job, and from this he learned whittling. In his free time, he whittles figurines of great detail. Sometimes he makes Icelandic ponies, other times he makes graceful deer, and once he even made a dragon. He has quite the creative mind and sometimes invents new methods in constructing ships to make them more efficient, though these are normally minor. He has bigger plans inside his head, but he'd rather wait until his apprenticeship his over. If you're a friend of his, he's a loyal and trustworthy companion, however he keeps to himself and this often makes him a mysterious character.
History: When Feldun was seven, a huge forest fire swept down the foothills of the mountains and completely burned his house. It was on the outskirts of the village, and was the first of quite a few to be burned down. In this fire, his mother told his father, Agnar, to take him first, and then come back for her. He obliged, though after some argument. Feldun, terrified, followed his father to a safer place. Agnar then returned to the house. When he came back to Feldun, his face was streaked with tears. His mother had died. Feldun's father had then taken up his axe and trekked to the forest from whence the fire came, searching for the one who caused this tragety to occur. He never returned. Poor Feldun was left an orphan. He hid around the charred house for a few weeks, living off of mushrooms and berries. Soon, the village's ship wright, Eirik, came by to chop down some wood to use from the ships. He found Feldun, small and scared like a feral animal, hiding among the ruins. The whole village had assumed that the boy had died along with his family, but they were wrong. Eirik, having a soft spot, pitied the boy and took him in, training him as his apprentice. Since then, Feldun has lived with Eirik, who has bonded with him. However, Feldun still remembers his family and misses them greatly. Their absence left an empty space in his heart that Eirik could never fill.
Husband/Wife N/A
Children N/A
Other/extra? When it comes to dragons, Feldun views them as mere beasts, no different than a deer. He's terribly mistaken in this thought, and may soon have a chance to find this out for himself...
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PostSubject: Re: Feldun [Viking]   Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:02 pm

Nice -- moving to accepted characters now!
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Feldun [Viking]
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