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 Thorgrim [Viking]

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PostSubject: Thorgrim [Viking]   Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:49 am

Name: Thorgrim Arfast ("Thor" or "Grim" for short)
Name meaning: Thorgrim :: Norse (Viking), Meaning unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthdate: 18/3/Winter
Rank: Blacksmith Apprentice
Appearance: Wavey, long auburn hair flows down from above a fair yet bold - almost wild - facade. Thorgrim has a rounded, slim nose with deep, turqoise eyes flecked with grains of gold. His jawline is square and sharp, much like the rest of his facial features. His face is clean shaven, so as to not cause any accidents when working in the smith.
Thorgrim's shoulders and chest are broad, gnotted with muscle toned from years of hard work and use, much like his long arms and legs. The young Viking is tall - standing at around six feet - and has a well-built form, yet he is hardly as muscular as some of the other Vikings in his village - his form being more toned than "beastly". His skin is a tanned olive-brown, with a dark complexion.
Often walking with a straight, upright posture, Thorgrim has a broad back with large shoulder blades which peek out from underneath layers of muscle. Despite being tall, Thorgrim has slightly smaller joints than others - an inheritance from his father, and so his hands look larger than they really are compared to his wrists, but he is confident he will grow into proportions soon.
Personality: Thorgrim is a complicated person to describe. Upon first glance, one would say he is quiet and tends to keep to himself - not wanting to be the center of attention. And, while that is true to an extent, Thorgrim is one to only open up to those who he knows he can trust. Slightly naive and youthful, Thorgrim has a tendency to cause mischief around an older person he does not like. However, despite this, Thorgrim tries his best to keep true to the honour he wishes to earn and the discipline instilled into him by his parents.
At a first encounter, Thorgrim is one who will listen more than he will talk, and, as someone gains his trust and confidence, he will begin to open up. Another noteworthy trait Thorgrim has is his loyalty; his loyalty to his friends and families is an undeniable attribute and something he will never lose. If you have gained his trust, it is likely he will never forsake you and will endeavour to help you out of any problem or scenario.
When it comes to humour, Thorgrim is one of those who have a "dark" sense of humour - one that does not often show itself, but, at times, Thorgrim can't help passing a joking comment or sarcastic remark. Although this is only done when he sees appropriate, and this doesn't include times when he knows it will hurt someone or cause a fight.
History: Thorgrim was born a healthy child to his father - Ulrich Arfast - and his mother - Bera Alfast. Sadly, his mother died in childbirth - giving the last of her strength to make sure her newborn son lived. Thorgrim was raised as any child, with his father nudging him along his childhood, teaching him many things about the life of a Viking. Things he would need to know later on in his life. When he became a teenager, his father demanded he contribute to the village and begin his journey on becoming a Viking warrior, and so he enrolled as blacksmith apprentice - an occupation which he still has currently. From here on, little has changed.
Husband/Wife N/A
Children N/A
Other/extra? Thorgrim's greatest aspiration is to tame a dragon - a feat which he thinks no-one else has achieved (he is unaware of the fact Hiccup and the village of Burk have already done this)
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PostSubject: Re: Thorgrim [Viking]   Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:23 pm

Nice, I really like how much you've written and how descriptive it is. Moved to accepted!
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Thorgrim [Viking]
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