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 The island of Burk Rp rules

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PostSubject: The island of Burk Rp rules   Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:19 pm

The island of Burk Rp rules themselves are pretty much the same as the general Rping rules, but the Rping 'system' operates differently.

Instead of there being one main plot for every Rp, all the Rp's are operated by their creator - meaning, they make up the plot, add any additional rules they may want in their Rp, and generally operate it.

Also, instead of there being, say, one Hiccup in all the topics, every topic can have a different person Rping Hiccup. You can also have one person rping as many characters as the creator allows/they want to, since these aren't permanent characters that they own.

It'd also be best if the creator of the Rp specifies whether they do or don't allow OC's (Original characters) in their Rp.
(Note, Canon characters are characters from the movie.)
Example of a first post in one of these topics:

Example wrote:
Plot: A seemingly untamable dragon has been roaming around the island of Burk, and it turns out to be another night fury! What will happen?

Characters: - Oc's allowed

Hiccup - Iluvtoothless122
Toothless - Iluvtoothless122
Astrid - HTTYDisawsum298
Ruffnut - Open!
Tuffnut - Username554
Aldis (OC) - Aldis

Notes/Extra rules:

1) please have no more than 3 characters
2) No Rping as dragons, apart from toothless. You control your own dragon.

Of course, hopefully the plots you all come up with are more interesting and more than one line (although there is not a rule that it has to be a long plot or anything) ^^"

It is up to the creator of the rp whether they get all the character positions filled before starting, or just let people jump in.

I'm sorry if I didn't explain this well D8

Please post any questions you may have about it on this topic or Pm an admin or mod!
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The island of Burk Rp rules
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