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 Rping/Site Rules

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PostSubject: Rping/Site Rules   Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:54 am

Here be the rules, make sure you read them!

1) Keep things PG-13 Rated - Moderate swearing (Crap, Damn) is allowed unless a Rper specifies in their topic that they'd rather have no swearing at all. This also means no Sexual content, and nothing that would offend people. (This includes religious views, political views, ect. Of course you may have an opinion, but posting about how much you hate a certain countries politics or how stupid something in this context is may/will get you banned) This also includes avatars and sigs.

2) Double posting should be kept to a minimum - It is allowed, but try not to over-do it.

3) Don't write in SMS language or write in all Capital letters - We dn't lyk it whn u spk lyk dis. So please don't, we're Rpers, we use proper language - spelling and grammar errors can be excused, but not txt/SMS language. Also, all capitals in a no-no. Especially in topic titles.

4) No one-liners or going off-topic - If you must go off topic, and cannot Pm whoever you want to tell, please refrain from doing so often. No one-liners, meaning, please, when you're Rping -- type more than one sentence/line! Try to make at least one paragraph (4-5 sentences) each Rp post!

5) One account per person - If you want to change username, tell an admin/me via Pm and they will do it for you. If you use the same computer as another person, just let a mod/admin know.

6) No cannon characters - waffles. << There you have a codeword. Remember it well. Sorry, but this Rp site is only for non-cannon characters... go to the other Rp's section if you want to rp cannon characters ;3

7) Maximum of 3 Characters allowed You will be allowed to create one character first, then you will be allowed to create a second after a week, and if you want to create a third, Pm a mod or admin, and they will sort it out with you. You also may be allowed to bypass the limit if you are a dedicated Rper who has been on the site a while.

Cool No stealin ma pixels! - those tiny pictures of a night fury next to topics that tell you if they are locked, have new posts ect. are made by me. No stealing, please!

Thats all the rules I can think of for now (:

Now, go look at F.A.Q's if you're unsure of something, or look at the topic Getting started.
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Rping/Site Rules
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