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 >>>> F.A.Q's <<<<

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PostSubject: >>>> F.A.Q's <<<<   Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:09 am


Can we Roleplay as a dragon?

Yes, of course (: But during the current plot your dragon characters will start out as wild dragons.

Can I be a mod?

Please don't ask this. I will decide who will become a mod when we need new ones.

How do you rp? What is rp?

"RP" stands for Roleplay. Click Here for a guide on how to Rp. Be warned it is very long, you may find a shorter one online.

Is there dragon training in this Rp?

With the current plot, no, since the viking themselves have no idea of certain ways to fight dragons. Instead there is hunting training.
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>>>> F.A.Q's <<<<
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