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 yozora and Kage

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PostSubject: yozora and Kage   Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:30 pm

Name: Yozora tuski
Name meaning: moon of the night sky
Gender: male
Age: 17
wanderer (aiming to be a villager)
Personality: Yozora is a calm man, so calm it's unnerving however he is also a very nice guy who's anger is hard to get, but when he blows all hell is about to break lose. on a side note, Yozora prefers to be the one suffering as apposed to others around him suffering.
History: Yozora has had a decent child hood, not the best considering from about the age of eight he was on his own. he took up the sword and became a nomad, traveling from place to place, either by boat or by foot. He has fought against both humans and dragons with out discrimination and never has he thrown the first blow. Because of these fight Yozora needed a shield. One that could stop both human weapons, and dragon attacks. Thus the bracer on his arm, it took years to craft and can block the strongest of blows from human weaponry and dragon fire, however only of yozora can take the strain to stop the attack.
Husband/Wife N/A
Children N/A
Other/extra? he mute

Name: Kage no hikari
Name meaning: shadow light
Gender: male
Age: teen dragon
Breed: twilight dragon
Appearance: this depends on whether it is light or dark, If it's light the twilight dragon is a pale silver with green eyes, if itdark, the twilight dragon is a menacing black with blood red eyes. however what makes this twilight dragon different from all the others is his eyes are a clear purple at all times.
Personality: unlike the rest of his species Kage prefers the company of others to being alone. hew is playful and gets separation anxiety easily, is rather playful and a little over protective of his rider and lone friend.
History:not much is known about Kage aside from the fact that he is best friends with Yozora. yozora found the dragon hungry and about to eat the human, till yozora dumped his entire pack of rations out for the dragon, the two have been inseparable ever since
Mate n/a
Hatchilings/Children N/A
Other/extra? don't leave a pack of rations unatended, he will get into it.
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yozora and Kage
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