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 twilight dragons

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PostSubject: twilight dragons   Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:02 am

Name of the breed: twilight dragons
What it looks like: this depends on whether it is light or dark, If it's light the twilight dragon is a pale silver with green eyes, if itdark, the twilight dragon is a menacing black with blood red eyes.
How it acts: Depend on the color, playful yet polite when it's light, distant and distusting, and savage to all but it's closest friends, (riders included)
Hah! Factor: it's scale change, if in an area that suddenly becomes light or dark, the dragon can use it's breaths till done changeing EX. Fighting one at night while right next to a bonfire pit and the fire suddenly bursts into life, the twilight dragon can't use it's powers till the scale color change from black to pale silver is complete. and visaversa, and the time to charge it's breaths
Ah! Factor: it's breaths when pale silver, can focus light into a devastating short laser burst, how ever this take a minute and while the dragon can move, it's not likely he'll go far. and when dark he can release a blinding cloud of shadow like smog, again take a minute and shadows about to use. the smog if choking but only fatal if breathed in large quantity.
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twilight dragons
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