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 Ragnarok [Dragon]

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PostSubject: Ragnarok [Dragon]   Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:01 am

I feel like making some chaos arise in the RP. Since we don't currently have a major plot at the moment, I thought making an antagonist character would be fun! MHUAHAHA!!!
If this dragon gets excepted and approved for a career in fowl deeds, ye all shall be faced with a deranged evil that cannot rest until it is vanquished!! Blood may be shed lest one of ye think'th thou'st alone can conquer this villain without violence, we shall see... of course I'm not daring to kill one of your characters, I was referring to killing this dragon. :3

((This dragon is basically your serial killer of the modern day))

Name: Ragnarok
Name meaning: myth about the ultimate destruction of the gods in a battle with evil
Gender: Male
Age: Adult Dragon
Breed: Changeling
Appearance: A dragon with the center body shape of a zippleback and four legs with long claws, a long neck and head similar to a Monstrous Nightmare with a cresent shape extruding from the cheeks, one very long tail, a row of vertical spikes that travel from the beginning of its neck to the tip of it's pointed tail, two triangular wings, two long antenna-like appendages hanging from the back of its head like a bug. Its color is a combination of reddish-brown and dark, dingy orange. Size is around that of a Monstrous Nightmare.link
Personality: This dragon has the equivalence of no soul, it wants to eat your heart out, literally. If it had hands like a humans, it would pluck out your eyes and shove them down your intestines, then skip rope with your intestines while laughing maniacally. This dragon has no sense of kindred dragons, nor any sense of morals or any form of compassion. If it sees you, you kill it or you die... if you can't out-run it. This dragon has no social interaction, it would kill another dragon before speaking to it, and it would gladly kill another dragon for pleasure just as much as a human.
History: This dragon hatched from its egg on a volcanic land mass, specifically near a stream of poisonous acid that released bubbling gas fumes. It awoke with no parental figure to raise it, but he was found by a couple of terrible terrors when he hatched. Though the terrors bonded with the similarly small dragon and took care of him, Ragnarok grew quick within a few weeks' time. Before Ragnarok was found by the terrors though, it had prolonged exposure to the gasses from the acid which warped his mind, causing Ragnarok to have no relation between himself and other dragons, no sense of compassion or 'care' for anything but himself, having no patience to enjoy pleasantries that other dragons enjoyed, such as rolling in smelly grass... it did, however, begin a nasty habit of enjoying the dying moans of others and tearing his claws and teeth into others flesh, which began with the terrible terrors that raised him. Only 3 weeks had past when Ragnarok had already grown much larger than his fellow terror 'friends'... he unhesitatingly killed and consumed all of them. Ragnarok became completely insane as he grew, attacking other dragons on the island around him. His relentless cannibalistic actions caused other dragons to fear him, seeing him relentlessly ripping other dragons' limbs apart while they still breathed was more than enough to instill fear. A few dragons, including a monstrous nightmare and a deadly nadder or two, tried to end the chaos on their island by fighting him, but they weren't prepared to face another dragon like this, how often did they actually fight amongst each other anyway? Needless to say, they failed. This malicious beast had no fear, spared no quarter, and eventually scared off all the other dragons on the island. It was like a rabid mindless killer shipwrecked alone on an island, except it had wings... Causing all the other dragons to leave, Ragnarok had nothing but himself and the fish he hunted in the sea, that was certainly not enough. The deranged Changeling took flight and set course on an undetermined path, his mind bent on finding something to kill, for sport. Little would Ragnarok know he was flying towards a populated island by the name of Melfort.
Mate Too crazy to have a mate, would kill any other dragon.
Hatchilings/Children N/A
Other/extra? Fear factor: The changeling has a long, pointed tail for swiping, a strong jaw for crushing and can spit acid upon its victims. This one in particular may kill anything it sees. Though completely blood-thirsty, Ragnarok has the mental capacity to "toy" with his foes, giving them prolonged stares and injuring them out of enjoyment of their blood-curdling screams before going in for the kill. Extremely dangerous, kill on sight.
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PostSubject: Re: Ragnarok [Dragon]   Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:08 am

Ooo, nice, it'd probably tie nicely with the current dragon/viking situation too, considering they;d probably have to band togetherr to stop it, or something along the lines of that.

Accepted ^^
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Ragnarok [Dragon]
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