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 Required Trip (Open)

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PostSubject: Required Trip (Open)   Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:32 pm

Landing softly, luckily something not too hard for the Squirting Spitter breed, Misty scanned once more to make sure no humans were about as she slowly crept her way along onto the beach.

True, the beach around here spanned the whole island and one didn't exactly have to get near the village at every spot of beach which lead to water. Misty was glad. Her thoughts on humans were still confused, the ones that had been back at Burke had seemed ok...after a bit...after killing her parents, she knew.

But that was just the back and forth war that it was unsure which side started, the teen had come to see. It didn't exactly excuse it, but...well it was all still confusing.

Burke had come around, though and she'd been on the receiving end of that for a bit before it was clear it was going to get crowded and she'd moved on. Still, those humans had been ok.

These humans around here, around...oh what was it, Melfort?, seemed to still fling things at dragons, so she stayed away.

Actually, Misty wasn't sure if they actually did fight them or not, avoidance seemed to be what she mainly encountered, not that that wasn't safer.

Still maybe she wouldn't meet any humans this far out, or if she did maybe they'd be the younger sort that didn't throw things as much.

Misty walked forward onto the beach and down towards the water, bending to get a drink. The Squirting Spitter didn't need to differentiate between an actual drink of water and the water stored for aiding in her fire, the same amount of water served both purposes, which, she supposed, was why there was a time limit to how long she could hold one store of water to aid her.

It made it difficult, having to get near water regularly (every hour about!) to be able to have what would be needed to produce fire, and her breed's weakness, she knew, but having no strike limit for that time like some dragons had was a fair trade off and thankfully her breed was also light built and fast, for that reason she supposed, plus salt or fresh didn't make a difference so any water did.

Flight groups and herds probably helped too, but she didn't have that aid and was alone.

Lifting her head halfway through her drink, Misty scouted once more for any signs of trouble before dipping her head again.
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Required Trip (Open)
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