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 Misty (dragon)

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PostSubject: Misty (dragon)   Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:57 am

Name: Misty
Name meaning: Possibly having to do with the water property of her attack style, but other than that none really (Optional)
Gender: female
Age: teen dragon
Breed: Squirting Spitter
Appearance: Typical look of her breed with yellow coloring and blue underwings. Misty has green eyes.( can be a picture or description)
Personality: Still inquisitive and curious as if she were a young dragon, Misty tries to make fast friends with other dragons and will like you unless you give her a reason not to. Fearful of humans, though, Misty is also easily startled, not a good thing if she sprays and your in the way.
History: Growing up on a sort of cliff face/part of an island beyond, but not enough for comfort, the island where the green dragon lived, Misty's parents laid low, hoping to avoid the dragon's radar.
As Misty grew she was taught to fear the island and hardly flew near it, yet one day, just after Misty learned to fly well enough to hunt on her own if need be, the need became. Due to the other dragon's desperate determination in appeasing the green dragon, Misty's father and mother were driven to steal from Burk as well and were killed there. This was shortly before Burk became tolerant of dragon's though and soon the young dragon on her own was given a safe haven to visit for food in the village where her parents met their end. Due to this she had mixed feelings, surprisingly not of hate, but of still fear she couldn't shake of the humans and it was the younger kids and teens who were the only ones able to approach her with food.
She grew to like the lifestyle there, though, until overcrowding forced her, now growing, to leave since she hadn't found a rider yet and didn't want to cause those who were more settled to have to.
Mate N/A
Hatchilings/Children N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Misty (dragon)   Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:05 am

Moving to accepted now ^^
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Misty (dragon)
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