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 Squirting Spitters

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PostSubject: Squirting Spitters   Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:54 am

Name of the breed:Squirting Spitters
What it looks like: Body shape resembles that of Terrible Terrors only they are much bigger, a medium sized dragon, yellow in color with a pale blue type "splash" to the under wings and patched along the body in varying patterns between dragons.
How it acts: While not an overly aggressive breed, and most times striking due to provocation, Squirting Spitters are very capable of defending themselves using their claws and two head horns, though they're favorite attack feature is their unique water aided fire blasts. A second stomach allows them to hold water for an excess of one hour for use. This 'wet' type of fire has a hot water scalding type of effect though not as severe as other water using dragons and is sent out in more of a fast moving mist than water spray or anything.
Hah! Factor:The water is not just an aid to their fire though, it is necessity and if they are kept from it long enough to lose their store (about an hour time limit from above) or otherwise prevented from getting to a water source when 'dry' they can't make fire. Also their fire, while denting and boring holes in buildings, does not have the spreading properties of dry 'brush' type fires and is really only good per shot.
Ah! Factor: The Squirting Spitters light weight build means that despite their size they are able to move and maneuver easily and fast, whipping around suddenly. Have no strike count for the whole hour they have their water.

Anyone can use one of these if they want Smile Just don't go claiming the dragon idea as your own elsewhere
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Squirting Spitters
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