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 Day at Work (Open!?!)

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PostSubject: Day at Work (Open!?!)   Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:44 pm

((We didn't set a time when the events in the forest occurred, so I'm not going to mention the time of day.))

[center]Viking leather boots trampled the earthly pathways across the village of Melfort as Dungy made his return to his dad's old tanner shop, which was now his. Dungy paid little more than brief waves to the friendly greeting vikings as they went about their business, Dungy kept to his train of thought as he directed his feet on a predetermined path. clanging metal, bah'ing sheep and marching feet crossed Dungy's ears as he neared his goal, another busy day for the Melfort people.

Dungy turned a corner at a large viking shack to see his humble abode, a two-story structure held together by large round support beams fleshed with vertically positioned wooden planks. The bottom floor comprised of two compartments, the center room, in which the front door led customers to a wooden booth with an assortment of various tanner crafts hanged across the walls, such as boots, armor and common clothing for the harsher weather conditions. The other half of the first floor was Dungy's actual work place, filled with crafting materials, tables, work benches and proper tools for a viking tanner. The second story of the shop used to be the storage space of the shop, but Dungy moved all the materials out and crammed them into his working area, clearing the second floor for his living quarters, which now comprised of a fireplace, dinning table and a bed... nice and simple. Dungy didn't want to keep the house his parents lived in, too many haunting memories of old times before their tragic deaths. No no no, Dungy was quite content with his shop, it was perfectly sized for a single viking.

Dungy entered the tanner shop and quickly removed his quiver and bow from his possession, hiding them behind the front booth. The ranger-tanner then turned right to enter his work area, immediately grabbing a sheet of paper and a granite pen before a table. Dungy had time to reflect on the events that had occurred in he forest that short time ago, he had been working through instinct when facing the blue dragon with that Rodny fellow and hadn't the time of analyzing his surroundings or the dragon itself.. Though Dungy didn't spend the chance of getting to know the fellow more, Dungy had good respects for Rodny, he seemed like a stout fellow and a man of few words... a less social trait that Dungy was good at and favorable to. Though the event had passed so quickly, Dungy still had a mind's image of what the blue creature looked like. Dungy felt anxious to know more about these beasts, he may hopefully find Rodny again and ask him about them, but that was not happening for now and Dungy needed to do something to feed his desire. Having dragons on the brain, Dungy began sketching the designs for a new invention... a dragon kite! Hopefully he could get it finished before having a customer issue him a new set of armor or something.

While Dungy drew on his brown-tinted paper, he could have sworn he heard someone shouting from the forest earlier, Aldis was it? Whoever it was, it sounded like they had just hurt themselves while hammering something... oh well, back to work.

((I just made this a different topic since I wasn't sure about Aldis' topic being open or not. Anyway, Dungy's crafting in his tanner shop, if there's anything you needed crafted by this inventive tanner, be sure to stop by and place your order! 8D Once we actually do get to the point when the vikings of melfort start riding dragons, Dungy can be handy to craft your dragon saddles for ya!))
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Day at Work (Open!?!)
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