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 Sadame [Dragon]

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PostSubject: Sadame [Dragon]   Wed Apr 14, 2010 4:19 am

Name: Sadame
Name meaning: Destiny (I think this is Japanese, but I really like this name. Sorry!)
Gender: Female
Age: Adolescent Dragon
Breed: Blazing Sunrise
Appearance: [picture on the way] Sadame is a bit on the small side. Her scales are a bright golden orange that glimmer perhaps more than those of the usual Blazing Sunrise. She has red-orange streaks placed in uneven snaking patterns down her spine, reminiscent of tiger stripes. She also has short stripes on her cheeks, below her horns. Her mane is thick and a very dark gray, though not exactly black. It runs down her spine and stops at a little lower than the base of her tail. Her wings are large. perhaps a bit too large compared to her body size, and the membrane is bright red, with darker red veins snaking through it. Sadame's eyes are a sparkling emerald color, and contain a deep look of wisdom common in the eyes of her species. Her tail is tipped with fur the same color as her mane. The dragon's horns are ivory. She has two long horns coming from left and right of the beginning of her mane. They curl slightly downwards. She also has a smaller horn a bit lower than those. They split into two horns, one curving down the same way her larger horns do, and the other curving up, leaving an oval space between the two. She is too young for her fangs to curl over her lip, but her top fangs are surprisingly long for her age.
Personality: Sadame is a very social dragon. She enjoys the company of her flight*, much like the way a wolf enjoys the company of its pack. She doesn't like to leave the den on her own, and her youth tends to show through in this situation. Like other Blazing Sunrises, she's very wise and thoughtful. This dragon has even contributed to her flight's hunting techniques in ways that can conceal them from sight of Vikings. On nights before she goes to sleep, she lays out on the mesa outside of the Flight Den and watches the sun set, pondering the events of the day and what tomorrow may be like. Sadame is loyal to her flight and would never betray them.
History: This dragon was born to a flight of Blazing Sunrises hidden in the southern part of Melfort's central mountains. Her birth den is within one of the many catacombs that penetrate deep within the dormant volcano that her flight calls home. This is where she grew up. As is the custom, she was raised by her mother and grew very close to her. Sadame never really knew her father, though she observed him from a distance for most of her hatchling life. When she became a juvenile, her father came to inspect her and show pride in his hatchling, before leaving the flight for reasons unknown. Soon after, a small platoon of Vikings from the village below scaled the cliffs and attacked the Blazing Sunrises Sadame lived with. Quite a few were killed before the humans were driven back. In this event, her mother was maimed, as was unfortunately common in Blazing Sunrises. A Viking had sliced a vital ligament in her back leg, causing her to lose her use of it. She could no longer leap, and so no longer fly. This pained Sadame greatly, for she loved her mother. Since then, she has cared for her, bringing her prey and keeping her company. Life within her flight has been different as well since this event. The dragons became stealthier and more careful of where they flew. From that attack, they lived like the hunted. Sadame could only remember when they use to be the hunters...
Mate N/A
Hatchilings/Children N/A
Other/extra? Although Vikings disabled her mother, Sadame has other views of them than one would expect. She realizes that the humans had not attacked them out of evil and malice, as others in her flight believed, but out of fear of the unknown. So, she is neutral towards them, and would not attack one unless they attacked her first.

*By the Way: A flight is a large group of dragons.
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PostSubject: Re: Sadame [Dragon]   Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:58 am

Nice character, and also, the name and meaning don't have to be actual viking names, it can be any names, I just put that here in case anyone happened to want their viking to have a real viking name xD

Moving to accepted characters now!
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Sadame [Dragon]
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