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 Plot in progress

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PostSubject: Plot in progress   Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:13 am

This is the main plot that is going on while you rp. Your Rp's do not have to center around it, but please take into account the changes it makes to your rp (For example, the vikings will not be friends with the dragons during this current plot.)

Current Main Plot:

Burk may have eliminated their dragon problem, but with all the extra feeding and there no longer being a need to deliver prey to the Green Death, dragon populations have increased dramatically. Considering the fact that dragons only die of old age every 100-300 years, those dragons without an owner whom are born are now having to migrate once they are of age, as are some of the older rogue dragons.

They have migrated to many islands, but most are small and uninhabited. Once this space was taken up, they have began migrating to Melfort. Melfort and Burk have had very, very little contact over the past 6 generations (Both have existed for 7 generations), and the dragons, although not troubling the villiagers, scare them, and so they are being killed.

Hence the whole war is starting again, and Hiccup will not be there to stop it this time. At the bottom of most of the dragons side of attacks is Malarkay, a Night fury, whom has blue eyes and dark blue tinged scales. She helps plan attacks on the villagers, and is one of the few dragons that did not come from Burk. She is not as kind as toothless and less trusting, and she is what keeps the dragons whom have migrated from trying to maintain harmony.

Her motives, although they will never be known to the humans, are due to the fact that her mother and father were killed by vikings many years ago (5 generations ago for humans, in fact).

NOTE: This plot has more to it, which will be added as the roleplay progresses. So please keep the 'crashing dragon becoming friends/your version of HTTYD all over again' to a minimum, you'll all get your chance to let your character make friends wwith a dragon later on in the Rp (:
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Plot in progress
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