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 Dungy De-moraless Ditworth the XIII

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PostSubject: Dungy De-moraless Ditworth the XIII   Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:56 am

Name: Dungy De-moraless Ditworth the XIII (often called Dung as a lesser nickname)
Name meaning: "Dung" "Moral-less" "worthless" "thirteenth generation"
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthdate: 29/1/Autumn
Rank: Tanner and bow craftsman
Appearance: A medium-sized lad of light skin tone and blondish-brown hair crowning his head, combed to the right out of his face with the back reaching to his shoulders with an upwards curl at the hair's ends. Dungy's form is lean and slender around the waist and overall center of his body, his shoulders and arms cast a slight thicker build, a display of muscle growth from use of bows by his making. His overall form displays a man built for running and the pulling of 70-pound bows. Over his lean form, Dungy adorns a tan-brown long-sleeved tunic made of finely-pressed wool. Dungy also wears long pants of much darker brown, a patch of material sown over a tear over the right knee of the pants. A dark-brown ring belt laces around Dungy's tunic, and a small pouch fit for a handful of gold tied to the left of his belt. Dungy wears a tight leather jerkin over his abdomen that displays the sown-in figure of a hawk in-flight on the front. When out in the wilderness away from the village, Dungy adorns a quiver filled with red-feathered arrows on his back with leather braces around his forearms, and a long bow in hand. he will also be seen in his tanner's apron when working in his leather-crafting shop that his father once owned... before passing away.
Personality:Dungy isn't the most social character in the village, he will often display an almost fake appearance when greeting a new face, merely trying to show that he isn't a soulless beast. Dungy doesn't have a mental problem per say, but constant chatter and pointless banter is not on his list of favorite things, and Dungy will not hold a conversation very long with any particular being. If you're a close friend of Dungy's, he's more likely to tell you what he thinks of somebody or something personal, anyone that isn't close with the lad are bound to receive little to no chatter of his own personal opinions on subjects, though he may keep a finely-tuned ear to his surroundings. Though Dungy keeps his more personal thoughts and ideas to himself, that doesn't snuffle his proclamations to the village people when he thinks he's discovered something profound... or thought of something ingenious. Being trained in the art of tanning hides and other materials by his father before passing away, as well as crafting and using a bow, Dungy can be very creative with his hands. He often designs specially requested suits of leather or various other items, he even designed his own jerkin with an artistically sown black hawk on the front.
History: Dungy was born unto Unrick Ditworth and Ulfreen Ditworth. The lad was raised learning the trade of a tanner under his father, who also taught him about bows and how to make them. Dungy was your average kid for many of his growing years...until his father's body was found one morning to be mauled and charred from an unknown culprit, then a lot of things went wrong. Six months later his mother died, she apparently couldn't handle the heart-ache which caused her sad death. Dungy, being 13 at this time, struggled with the grave loss, a silent depression came over him for nearly two years, only later did he finally resume communication with the other villagers again, though it was obvious he was never the same again. Dungy Now runs his father's tanner shop, living off what he crafted for others and hunting for food with his bow... even fishing with a string-tied arrow if he must.
Husband/Wife: N/A
Children: N/A
Other/extra? Dungy is always left to wonder who or what killed his father in such a brutal way... finding out that a stray dragon caused it may lead him to hate dragons forever...
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PostSubject: Re: Dungy De-moraless Ditworth the XIII   Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:51 pm

Nice bio (: adding to accepted profiles now!
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Dungy De-moraless Ditworth the XIII
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