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 Original Breed - Sabrae Fighter

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PostSubject: Original Breed - Sabrae Fighter   Tue Apr 13, 2010 4:13 am

Name of the breed: Sabrae Fighter, commonly called Kill Fury
Appearance: Sabrae Fighters are distant cousins of the Night Fury. They inherit much of the Night Fury's appearance. They have a lizard's body, with a long armoured tail. Their feet have 4 claws, and one just behind the hock for grabbing things. Their face is much like a Night Fury, though two small horns perch on their forhead, with a small frilled neck that helps them swim with great speeds. This also includes a frilled tail. They are commonly white with light orange and purple rings around the tail, stomach legs and head. Some are known to be black with the same rings, only navy and sky blue. Eyes vary from Purple to gold.
Personality: Not as trusting as Night Furies, yet more parental than those of most dragons. They are one of very few dragons known to have hatchlings and feed with milk.
Hah! Factor: If pressed hardly under the neck frill, Sabra Fighter's have an automatic response to lie down and roll on their stomach to show surrender.
Ah! Factor: Their frill(s) are guarded by dangerous talons, letting out a fluoro blue poison that soaks into the skin/fur of any living thing and paralyses it for up to 3 days. This does NOT kill. What kills is it's ear-splitting roaring burst of mesmerizing fire-like substance that, like the Night Fury, comes from the mouth of the Sabrae. This can rupture mountains and villages in less than 5 blows, if the angle of the hits are accurate.

This breed is only available to private use, I'm afraid. Smile I'll be, hopefully creating more dragons if I'm allowed to! Smile And I may or may not also draw a picture.
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PostSubject: Re: Original Breed - Sabrae Fighter   Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:07 pm

You can create an unlimited amount of your own dragon breeds, so go wild x3
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Original Breed - Sabrae Fighter
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