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 Malarkay [Dragon]

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PostSubject: Malarkay [Dragon]   Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:30 am

Yes, this is the main dragon, who plans all the attacks, and is a night fury, but after I Rp her for a while, i'll let another person rp her for a while, then antoher person and so on 8D

Name: Malarkay
Name meaning: None
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult Dragon
Breed: Night Fury
Appearance: Just like any night fury, although her scales are more blue tinged and her eyes are light blue.
Personality: Untrusting and cold, first impressions are only half right when you first meet her. She does care, it just takes her a while to warm up to now dragons, and her hate for humans is about the same as that hate which some humans have for dragons - and it is deadly.
History: Her mother and father were killed by vikings when she was just a hatchling (around 6 viking generations ago) and shes wanted to get revenge on the vikings ever since. With the arrival of new dragons, she is telling them lies to set them against the humans on the island.
Mate: None
Hatchilings/Children None.
Other/extra? None.
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Malarkay [Dragon]
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