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 Read before creating a new breed...

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PostSubject: Read before creating a new breed...   Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:21 am

When creating a new breed, remember to include;

Name of the breed
What it looks like, as either a picture or description
How it acts; personality, attitude
Hah! Factor (What makes it easy to kill, like the Nadders blind spot)
Ah! Factor (What makes it dangerous, like the Monstrous Nightmares ability to light itself on fire)

Code, in case anyone wants to use it.

[b]Name of the breed:[/b]
[b]What it looks like:[/b]
[b]How it acts:[/b]
[b]Hah! Factor:[/b]
[b]Ah! Factor:[/b]
Also include anything else you see fit about the breed. Its up to you.

Also! Be sure to include whether the breed is free use (other people can Rp it) or if it is for personal use (other people cannot Rp it).

you can make an unlimited amount of your own original dragon breeds, so get creative people! 8D
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Read before creating a new breed...
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